Modbus building blocks

Remote I/O modules, a simple, reliable and cost effective solution to your monitoring and control requirements…..


Monitor and display sixteen thermocouple inputs. Superior accuracy over a wide range of temperatures makes for reliable performance even in extreme conditions….

Display RD4

Compact four channel LED display. Simple and easy to use, view data remotely using standard ASCII protocol (-40oC to 80oC)….

Data Bricks

Rugged distributed data acquisition modules for harsh environments, proven by the rigours of automotive testing (-40oC to 80oC)….

Display RD15

Rugged and versatile high visibility EL ¼VGA display. Ideally suited to demanding applications requiring superior visual performance in harsh environments (-40oC to 80oC)….

Web enabled data logging

No expensive development or configuration required, your plant data on a spread sheet in minutes!….

Custom made solutions

Save time, reduce costs, increase performance – when off the shelf products fail to satisfy your requirements talk to our Special Products Division for a solution designed to meet your specific needs….